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Yann Tiersen - Comptine D'un Autre Été

Amélie is the soundtrack to the 2001 French film Amélie, a motion picture set in Paris, France, about a young woman endeavouring to help and improve the lives of those around her. Having been home-schooled since childhood, Amélie finally leaves her lifelong home and begins to discover her true vocation in life: awarding her neighbours and colleagues love and happiness. But when Amélie chances upon her own romance, her adventure truly begins - ever captured by the music of Yann Tiersen. (Wikipedia)

Yann Tiersen is a Breton musician. His musical career is split between studio albums, collaborations and film soundtracks. His music involves a large variety of instruments; primarily the guitar, synthesizer or violin together with instruments like the melodica, xylophone, toy piano, harpsichord, accordion and typewriter. (Wikipedia)

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