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The Kinks - Come

"Come Dancing" is a 1982 recording by British rock group The Kinks; a 1983 hit single in both the US and the UK, the track was included on the album State of Confusion. (Wikipedia)

The Kinks were an English rock band formed in Muswell Hill, North London, by brothers Dave Davies and Ray Davies in 1963. The Kinks, who rose to fame during the mid-1960s and were part of the British Invasion of the US, are recognised as one of the most important and influential rock groups of the era. (Wikipedia)

State of Confusion is the nineteenth studio album by the English rock group, The Kinks, released in 1983. The record featured the single "Come Dancing", which hit #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was one of the band's biggest hit singles in the United States, equaling the 1965 peak of "Tired of Waiting for You". The album itself was a major success, peaking at #12 on the Billboard Album charts. While there have been at least 7 reissues of this album on CD in various countries , none of them have issued the extended "Come Dancing" 12-inch mix on CD , which to this day is only available on vinyl. (Wikipedia)

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