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Eagle-eye Cherry - Save Tonight

"Save Tonight" is a song by Swedish rock musician Eagle-Eye Cherry and the lead single from his 1997 debut album, Desireless. It is the album's opening track and gained substantial radio success, reaching number 3 in Ireland, number 5 in the US, number 6 in the UK, and number 2 in Cherry's native Sweden. It was voted song of the year by New Zealand radio station "The Edge" in 1997. "Save Tonight" is considered the signature song of Eagle-Eye Cherry. (Wikipedia)

Eagle-Eye Lanoo Cherry is a Swedish musician best known for the single "Save Tonight". (Wikipedia)

Desireless is the 1997 debut album by Swedish singer Eagle-Eye Cherry. The album was released in Sweden in 1997, by the small label Diesel. In 1998, Work Records picked it up for American distribution. (Wikipedia)

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