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David Essex OBE is an English musician, singer-songwriter and actor. Since the 1970s, Essex has attained nineteen Top 40 singles in the UK , and sixteen Top 40 albums. He has also had an extensive career as an actor performing on stage and screen. (Wikipedia)

A coronation is a ceremony marking the formal investiture of a monarch and/or their consort with regal power, usually involving the ritual placement of a crown upon his or her head and the presentation of other items of regalia. The ceremony may include the taking of special vows by the monarch, acts of homage by the new ruler's subjects and the performance of other ritual deeds of special significance to the particular nation. Once a vital ritual among the world's monarchies, coronations have changed over time for a variety of socio-political and religious factors; most modern monarchies have dispensed with them altogether, preferring simpler enthronement, investiture or benediction ceremonies. Coronations are still observed in the United Kingdom, Tonga and several Asian countries. In common usage today coronation normally refers to the official investiture or enthronement of the monarch, whether or not an actual crown is bestowed. (Wikipedia)

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